A wedge-tailed eagle spreads his wingsFull Flight Birds of Prey Centre

Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre is dedicated to the protection and conservation of native raptors through public education, breeding and research.

Our dedicated staff have years of experience working with birds of prey, both in Australia and internationally. This experience is obvious in the close bonds we share with our raptors, and the impeccable care given to every bird at the centre.
Full Flight's work has seen us travel Australia far and wide - from medieval festivals in Queensland, to the roof of the MCG in Melbourne. In primary schools and universities, birthday parties and corporate events.
Our centre is open to the public by appointment only.


The wildlife on these premises are possessed under a licence issued under the Wildlife Act 1975
Wildlife must not be taken from the wild without a licence, permit or authority issued under the Wildlife Act 1975

Full Flight Bird of Prey
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